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Welcome to Platagon!

If you want o grab attention to your social media pages then you need to have a professional team to design those pages. We at Platagon have gathered a wide array of designers that are able to create in a short time, custom and professional designs for Facebook pages and Twitter and YouTube backgrounds. Our mission is to achieve perfection in order to maximize your social media marketing efforts. We guarantee that we will deliver the most breathtaking designs in minimal time and cost. Call us today for a custom quote!

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Welcome to Platagon!

Maximize the reach of your business through customized Facebook business page, customized backgrounds for YouTube and Twitter!

Facebook, YouTube and Twitter have changed the way in which businesses use the Internet to market themselves. A company should not only have a strong presence in these social media sites, but they should also interact with their target consumers through Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The consumers need to be attracted to your brand and you can reach millions of customers with a Facebook business page. An average Facebook user has about 150+ friends! So don’t miss this opportunity!

We offer you the opportunity to have your own customized page in Facebook and customized Twitter and YouTube backgrounds to position yourself permanently in your audience’s minds.
•    Do you want your custom Facebook page or your custom Twitter background to stand out from the rest?
•    Do you want your Facebook page design and your website to match?
•    Do you want to reach new visitors to increase traffic to your website?

If your answer is yes to all the questions asked above, then you need to go for a Facebook business page and a Twitter or YouTube background designed by us! We provide professional designing solutions and are trusted by many big companies. We understand the importance of social media marketing. We treat every page with high levels of dedication. Our custom business Facebook pages and backgrounds for Twitter and YouTube will impress anyone who visits your Facebook, Twitter and YouTube page.

So what are you waiting for? Get started now!

Custom Facebook page:
•    We will design your custom Facebook business page
•    We will enhance your Facebook page design with social applications.
•    Update your custom Facebook business page regularly.
•    Add photos and videos to highlight your business.
•    Grow your consumer base through “likes” and sharing.
•    Cheaper than building a website.
•    Increase your sales.
•    Get more and more people to “like” your Facebook business page.
•    We will promote your Facebook page for business on Google and other search engines.

Custom Twitter backgrounds:
•    We will create your custom Twitter background.
•    Impress your followers with your custom Twitter background.
•    Attract people to your brand.
•    Choose the information you want to share in your new background.
•    Include non-clickable links to your Facebook business page, Twitter page and your website.
•    Add phone number and logos to your background.
•    We will promote your Twitter account on Google and other search engines.

Custom YouTube background
•    Unlock the potential of the second largest search engine on the Internet.
•    We will create your custom YouTube background.
•    Change the look of your YouTube channels.
•    Our YouTube backgrounds are made to suit all types of channels.
•    Express yourself through your custom YouTube background.
•    We will promote your YouTube background on Google and other search engines.

Our plans start at $299.
We guarantee you results from your Facebook fan page, Twitter and YouTube backgrounds.

Are you still not sure?
We would love to discuss with you the potential of reaching more than 700 million customers through Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Please contact us through email, phone or by our contact form. Our experts are waiting to help you!